Blog post by martin

We are happy to launch our new website and hope that you will find that it not only looks good but also provides you with all the information you need. Please have a look around and see what Comet has to offer. As we say our mission is to open the world, and we hope this new site showcase how Comet can open the world for you and your company.

Besides making our site look contemporary we hope to improve the usability of the website. Should you discover any errors or have feedback on the website, we would appreciate it if you would write us an email so we can get it corrected.

The new site is a part of a larger process of updating Comet’s digital solutions and online presence, with a focus on how we can create value for our great clients.

The environment that our clients are doing business in is constantly evolving and changing. Our new website gives us the ability to adjust to clients’ changing demands and to better communicate to and with our clients Mats Collberg CEO, Comet Consular Services

Updated site – Updated brand

In coordination with the launch of the website, we have updated the look of Comet with a new logo, colours, images etc.. It is important for us as a company to showcase how we see ourselves; a Nordic company with a global presence which opens the world for our clients.

Global Mobility

Our Global Mobility service was previously called Immigration. We choose to call it Global Mobility because we have become aware of how big a role we play in moving our clients’ employees all around the world. Many of our clients are based globally and employ people of all nationalities.

Through our Global Mobility team and our global network, we can manage the process of securing visas and work permits for your employees all around the world going to any destination. We provide one point of contact, which means you will have one contact and one invoice for all your cases.

Thank you, everyone, who has been a part of creating this new look for Comet